Benefits of exhibiting

1. Product demonstration
to a big number of potential customers – representatives of Horeca, retail and wholesale trade
In 2022 Vinorus, FoodTech, InterFood exhibitions gathered 2871 target visitors.

2. Personal meetings
with heads and specialists responsible for purchasing of wine products.
66% of exhibition visitors are specialists on senior positions.

3. Contact with final consumers
Your final consumers visit the exhibition – take an opportunity to introduce your wine to common consumers and help them to handle with the wide range of beverages. It is a good chance to present your brand memorably.

4. Tastings
for professional audience – vertical, varietal or enogastronomical
65% of exhibitions visitors attend business programme events

5. Participation in the "southern russia”
Take part in the International Tasting Competition and get an independent assessment of your wines from Russian and foreign experts.
In 2022, 171 samples from the key wine-growing regions of Russia participated in the competition.
<strong><b>FOR VITICULTURE AND WINEMAKING:</b></strong

1. Top managers of wineries personally attend
Vinorus as exhibitors, participants of the International Tasting Competition "Southern Russia" or visitors in order to find products for winemaking production.
95% of professional visitors make or influence purchasing decisions.

2. Vinorus is attended by representatives
of the largest wineries of Russia, farmers and representatives of garage winemaking, viticultural enterprises and nurseries.
More than 400 representatives of wineries attend the exhibition annually.
Exhibition audience:
2 871
Target visitors

Wholesale and retail trade representatives

Horeca representatives
Products of interest to exhibition visitors:
Wines and wine products
Alcoholic beverages
Wine barrels
Planting stock
Exhibiting at Vinorus has become even more comfortable
Turn-key stands
Turn-key stands
Save on exhibiting. The organiser undertakes the construction of standard stands branded with exhibitors' logos. You only need to bring products to the exhibition and prepare your staff to communicate with a professional audience.
Wine cabinets
Wine cabinets
POZIS, a partner of the exhibition, provides all exhibitors with modern wine cabinets to serve wines properly at stands and tastings.
Each exhibitor can use an additional free service – regular ice refill in buckets for rapid cooling of wines before serving.
Wine glasses
Wine glasses
Exhibitors no longer need to bring wine glasses to the exhibition at their own stands. Visitors will be able to buy professional glasses of the famous French brands directly at the fair.
Become an exhibitor
Use exhibition 3 days to find new partners from among professional visitors and promote your products among end users!

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